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    Bryton Sport Mount for Rider - black

    The slim and lightweight front mount for Bryton Rider GPS computers. Thanks to the narrow clamping area also perfectly suitable for handlebars with aero profiles.

    • Highlights of the Bryton Sport Mount:

      • Easy mountig
      • Lightweight
      • Helps reduce air drag during workouts
      • Perfect viewing experience
      • More natural display view
      • Durable - made of aluminium alloy
      • Compatible with GoPro CNC adapter to hold GoPro camera
      • Suitable for 31.8mm handlebars
    • More about the Bryton Sport Mount

      The installation of the bracket is very simple. Simply clip Bryton Sport Mount to your bike handlebar. Adjust the angle for the perfect viewing experience. Then turn the screws using the L screwdriver provided to lock it securely in place. Clip-Adjust-Turn 3 easy steps and you are ready to go.

      Bryton Sport Mount is designed to offer a more natural display view than regular bike mounts. It also helps reduce air drag during workouts.

      Bryton Sport Mount is made for tougher use. It is built with aluminum alloy and is stronger and more durable.
      Dimensions in mm (L/W/H): 100 x 50 x 38mm
      Weight supplement: manufacturer specification

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