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    Hold Fast

    With a jaw-dropping weight of only 160g for a 420mm bar, the CADEX Race Handlebar delivers a clear competitive advantage with zero compromises in comfort and control. A cutting-edge one-piece molding process eliminates the flex found in traditional bonded handlebars and produces a feel that’s stiff yet compliant. Unbeatable all-rounder performance for sprinting, climbing and cornering—all day long.


      • One-piece mold manufacturing process and superlight carbon fiber layup offer outstanding stiffness and durability at an ultralight weight
      • Elliptical drop design further boosts bar stiffness and improves grip without adding weight
      • 72 mm reach provides a swift transition between the bar tops and hoods for added control when switching hand positions
      • Shallow drops make it quick and easy to move from the hoods to the drops
      • Flattened rear section provides comfortable thumb contact. Gently curved top section offers better grip and hand support for long rides
      • Compatible with Shimano Di2 Bar End Type Junction (EW-RS 910)

      Material: Carbon

      Clamp Diameter: 31.8 mm

      Width: 380 mm / 400 mm / 420 mm / 440 mm

      Drop:125 mm (120 mm on 380 mm bar)

      Reach:72 mm (68 mm for 380 mm bar)

      Weight: 154 g (380 mm) / 157 g (400 mm) / 160 g (420 mm) / 165 g (440 mm)

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