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    Expandable top and bottom compartments for shoes and helmets and the middle compartment features an adjustable partition to all allow easy access to your gear and accessories. Ample side pockets and a wet storage area for additional necessities - show up in style with the new Ginat shadow gear bag.



      • ProTextura™ material features anti-abrasion and water repellent
      • Performance Giant logo with reflective details enhance visibility
      • Ergonomic shoulder straps allow easy removal and can be held on hand or carried over shoulders
      • Quick released buckle on shoulder straps allows to balance loads
      • Meshed cushioning pad ensures optimal comfort and heat ventilation
      • 4-compartments in outer, top, middle, and bottom areas maximize all your essentials
      • Outer compartment intelligently designs as a wet storage area with drainage hole to seep out water
      • Expandable top compartment with soft fabric inside, suitable for helmet and eyewear storage
      • Huge middle compartment with adjustable partition allows to storage any combinations of apparel or accessories
      • Expandable bottom compartment with anti-abrasion and ventilation design, suitable for 2-pair shoes storage
      • Two external stretched water bottle pockets and 6 internal pockets allow to arrange all your personal items

      Sizes: L 32 cm x W 21 cm x H65 cm

      Storage: 35.2L

      Fabric: 100% polyester

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