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      Muc-Off have years of research and development under their belt which means you can rely on their products doing exactly what they say on the tin without needing a professional garage worth of equipment to accomplish the results in their videos. All you need for Muc-Off’s Metal Polish to give you great results is a clean microfibre cloth.

      Using a blend of micro-fine and coarse abrasives this polish easily buffs up tarnished metals like chrome, brass, copper, aluminium, steel and other scratch resistant surfaces. A tiny amount of this stuff will bring tired, dull finishes back to life, protecting surfaces without leaving an ugly, white residue. If you have a bike with lots of pretty, shiny parts this will really help maintain it at factory quality condition. And if you’re a fan of chrome capable of blinding someone at 300 yards, just layer up Muc-Off’s Metal Polish for extra shine.

      • Restores, cleans, polishes and protects chrome, brass, copper, aluminium and steel surfaces
      • No residual white dust or marks
      • Easily buffs off Works on heavily tarnished surfaces and oxidised paint
      • Non-flammable No acids or ammonia
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